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To cover the study of all types of materials properties, Titania counts on a number of technical units that define the capabilities of the company.

• Testing Laboratories
• Special processes
• Specific capabilities
In our testing laboratories different material properties are determined. These properties comprise from chemical nature of materials, up to physical and technological properties (such as mechanical properties), microstructural and in-service performance (corrosion and climatic testing).

All these units are within the scope of destructive testing. Titania has also a non-destructive testing (NDT) unit for ultrasonic survey (UT) composites elements (carbon fiber).
The second group of capabilities comprises special processes implemented in the company: surface treatments plant, painting cabin, workshop for sample machining, climatic chambers, sealants mixing facilities  and a composite manufacturing centre with autoclave complement Titania´s technological offer.

Finally, we have special capabilities for advanced characterization of materials and innovation in new manufacturing processes.

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