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Titania offers an integral testing service covering all materials used in aerospace manufacturing: metallic materials, composite materials, paints, sealants, adhesives and fasteners.
Another differential value is our capacity to carry out all the preliminary operations required for testing without outsourcing, resulting in improved control over the complete process. In addition, Titania’s services not only cover different materials, but also different testing techniques, such as: mechanical, microscopy, corrosion and climate, surface and bonding technologies, physical-chemical and thermal analysis, and non-destructive testing.
Thanks to our innovative internal organization, our professionals are trained in all types of test necessary for each material, and this also brings advantages in terms of time, cost and effectiveness. Moreover, Titania has developed an in-house lab management system that provides maximum reliability and agility by automating calculations and reports based on the data entered by technicians, and thereby reducing the possibility of human error.