Our company has its origins in the Corrosion and Protection Group that is part of the University of Cádiz (UCA). In 2000, the plants of EADS-CASA, now Airbus, decided to outsource certain activities related to quality control testing. The UCA group was one of the laboratories chosen to carry out these activities. The most important milestones in our company’s history are described below.

Our history

Titania. Universidad de Cádiz (UCA)


Creation of the quality control testing laboratory in the University of Cádiz’s corrosion and protection group (LABCYP).


Over the first few years, the first test procedures were introduced, especially for the characterisation of metallic materials. In 2003, the tasks related to process control testing of aluminium alloys and the technical reception of normal materials were consolidated.


The activities initiated with EADS-CASA, related to metallic materials, were extended to its subcontracting chain. In 2005, we took on the challenge of creating a new laboratory dedicated to quality control testing of sealants.


The company Titania, Ensayos y Proyectos Industriales was created in 2006 from the activities carried out at LABCYP. That same year, work began on the adaptation of our first laboratory, located in a 300 m2 warehouse in the RETSE building in the Tecnobahía park in El Puerto de Santa María.


In 2009, we added the necessary equipment to our laboratories to be able to carry out characterisation work on composite materials. Subsequently, the activities related to these materials were reinforced with the installation of an autoclave.


From the beginning of the project, our activity was focused on providing services to Airbus plants in Spain, especially those in Andalusia, and to the companies in its subcontracting chain. In 2013 we carried out our first work for companies located outside the national territory.


As a result of the development of various R&D projects, we completed the installation of a line for the surface treatment of metal alloys. In addition, we installed a paint booth, certified by Airbus. The combined use of both facilities allowed us to create a new service for the supply of test panels.


Until this date, we worked mainly for companies in the aeronautical sector. In 2017, we carried out various investment and commercial actions aimed at extending our activity to other industrial sectors. Thanks to these actions, we have consolidated our collaboration with companies in the naval, metallurgical and wind energy sectors.


In 2018 we set up a sales office in the United Kingdom to boost our internationalisation process. The creation of this office allowed us to carry out our first work at the Airbus plant in Filton, as well as for other companies in the sector located in the UK.

...Y hoy...

Titania currently has a staff of more than 60 highly qualified people. In addition, we have increased the surface area of our laboratories tenfold. Our facilities now cover 3000 m2 and feature state-of-the-art equipment. We are currently working with more than 500 companies on 4 continents.

Our mission

To provide accredited technical information on materials and industrial processes to facilitate industrial decision-making.

Our vision

Provide scientific-technological support to the challenges of adaptation of the industry towards its Sustainable Development, contributing to maintaining the competitiveness of its processes while respecting the Planet.

Our quality policy