Lines of investigation


Technology partners

Since its creation, Titania has carried out R&D activities that have allowed us to put a great number of technological capabilities at the service of industry.

These activities have been financed using the company’s own funds, as well as with financing instruments from the CDTICTA and the European Union.

We collaborate with different public and private research organisations in the execution of these R&D projects; among these we would like to highlight the University of Cadiz, from whose Grupo de Corrosión y Protección (Corrosion and Protection Group) the company was born.

Lines of investigation

Surface treatments of metallic materials

Non conventional anodizing

Chromate-free conversion layers

Manufacture of composite materials

Surface activation in gluing processes

Non-autoclave manufacturing processes


Our capabilities allow us to participate in low TRL basic research projects, oriented to the development of materials with advanced properties and to the improvement of processes. At the same time, we participate in higher TRL projects, closer to the market.

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Technological partners

We participate in projects led by the main drivers in the aerospace sector, and other sectors, as a support center for their R&D departments.


You can contact me by email ( or by calling me on the phone +34 670403698.You can contact me by email ( or by calling me on the phone +34 670403698.