It has been our aim from the start that the responsibility we take on regarding the work we do for our clients should be accompanied by a commitment to the people that form part of Titania as well as with our close environment. This Commitment has become one of the company’s values, which we embrace and nurture. This is a voluntary but determined commitment on the part all the people who form part of Titania. To this end, we implement a series of actions that reflect our philosophy. In this section we share what these commitments are, so as to uphold our obligation to follow and promote them.

To our staff

Collective agreement

Self-management of the working schedule
Extra days of annual leave

Sick pay

Contribution to sick pay when on sick leave

Children’s allowances

Nursery schools
School supplies
Enrolment costs

To our clients

Our commitments to our clients are reflected in our Mission and our values. To materialise these, we exercise our profession, which is also our passion. This is how we “do” Titania.

Compliance with delivery times of over 99%, with the capacity to perform up to 70,000 tests per year.

Company 4.0, with a fully digitalised management system.

Ability to study all materials and processes used in aircraft manufacture in a single centre.

Pilot plant scale certified processes for

surface treatments and composite manufacturing.

As a technology-based SME, we are known for providing flexible, efficient and specialised services, guaranteeing

sustainable economic management.

To our environment

A company only exists because some part of society requires their products or services. One way we give back to the whole society is through our social commitment.

To this end, we collaborate with different associations that give voice to disadvantaged social groups. In this way we are able to get closer to other realities that are also part of our closest environment.

These causes are the ones we have chosen to support. Click to enter their websites and we’re sure you’ll understand why!