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Laboratories for the study and analysis of materials for industrial quality control and R&D applications.

Tests approved, certified and accredited by major aerospace companies (Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer) and accreditation bodies

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Ready to depart?

Laboratorios para el estudio y análisis de materiales para control de calidad industrial y aplicaciones en I+D.

Ensayos aprobados, certificados y cualificados por las principales empresas aeroespaciales (Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer) y entidades de acreditación (ENAC/ILAC, NAPCAP (PRI)).

Titania. Laboratorio de Materiales

Who are we?

We are a medium-sized company dedicated to the performance of quality control tests and the development of research projects related to the characterisation of materials and processes associated with their manufacturing and industrial transformation. Our Mission is to provide industry with accredited technical information to support decision making.

Titania is based in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) and currently employs 60 science and technology specialists . Our facilities are located in the Tecnobahía Technology Park and include 3,000 m2 of laboratories. We perform characterisation studies for the materials most commonly used in the aeronautical industry. Among other materials, we study: metals, composites, paints, sealants, adhesives and plastics. For this, we use mechanical, microscopic, physicochemical, corrosion, climatic and thermal tests.

The quality of the work carried out at Titania is backed by certification and accreditation from leading national and international accreditation agencies, such as ENAC / ILAC and NADCAP. Thanks to our strong specialisation in the aeronautical sector, we are a reference Airbus approved laboratory, as well as certified accredited and approved by other aerospace manufacturers like Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier, Sikorsky and accreditation bodies.

Titania was established as a company in 2006, however, its history dates back to 2000 when a transfer project was initiated in the University of Cádiz’s Corrosion and Protection Group (Labcyp) led by Professor Javier Botana. At that time, the group was involved in regular collaboration projects with different companies in the naval, metallurgical and aeronautical sectors. These collaborations were based on the study of different materials with industrial applications. In 2001, Airbus plants located in Andalusia contacted the group to start the process of outsourcing their quality control laboratories. The person in charge of leading this project within the group was the researcher Miguel A. Rodríguez Chacón.

For 5 years, we took on all the challenges posed by the aeronautical industry from within the University itself. As a result of this activity, Titania was created in 2006. Since the creation of Titania as a company, our business model has been based on strong investment oriented towards consolidating our technological capabilities. Two decades later, Titania is a benchmark laboratory in the aeronautical sector. Our business covers the domestic market and is also growing strongly at a global level. We currently have clients in 25 countries, where turnover accounts for around 50% of our revenue.

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Contact information

P.I.Tecnobahía, Ctra. Sanlucar, 11500 El Pto. Sta. María, Cádiz
Phone: +34 956 477 837
Email: titania@titania.aero

Información de contacto

P.I.Tecnobahía, Ctra. Sanlucar, 11500 El Pto. Sta. María, Cádiz
Teléfono: +34 956 477 837
Email: titania@titania.aero