One area covered by the panel manufacturing line is the supply of bare and anodised metals. Here we provide our clients with specimens with chemical and dimensional characteristics adapted to their needs. We have the necessary approvals in place to guarantee that our panels are manufactured according to aeronautical standards.

Our stocks come from supply companies certified by the aviation industry. Thus, we have a wide range of aluminium alloys with different heat treatments whose initial format is 3 x 2 m, in thicknesses between 1 and 10 mm. Among others, AA2024, AA6061 and 7075 aluminium alloys, both plated and unplated, are available for immediate delivery.

In addition, aircraft-grade titanium alloys Ti6Al4V are available. AISI 304, ASI 302, 15-5PH and PH13-Mo stainless steels are also available.

For the preparation of specific formats, we have automatic shears that allow us to adjust the dimensions of the specimens to the required size.

Thanks to the approvals in place, the specimens can be delivered with an accredited chemical composition report at the client’s request.

In the particular case of anodised or conversion-coated aluminium alloys, we use an Airbus-certified bath line. The processes we have certified can be consulted in our catalogue. Specifically, we carry out Phosphoric acid anodising (PAA), Phosphoric sulphuric acid anodising (PSA), Sulphuric acid anodising (SAA), Tartaric sulphuric acid anodising (TSA), Acid pickling and Chromate conversion coating. Specimens up to 1 m in length can be processed on this line.


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