This section includes tests that we carry out on metallic materials which, due to their special characteristics, have not been included in other sections of this catalogue.

This category includes tests used for the characterisation of heat-treated aluminium alloys, such as, for example, the measurement of electrical conductivity. Tests related to the characterisation of anodic layers on aluminium alloys are also included. These tests are used in the qualification of new chrome-free anodising processes. Furthermore, tests used for the quality control of aluminium forming processes are included. Finally, a test for the determination of retained austenite in steels by X-ray diffraction is included.

Some of these tests are ENAC accredited and/or approved by Airbus and Bombardier. Using these procedures, we perform the following mechanical tests on metallic materials: Electrical conductivity, X-ray retained austenite determination, anodic coating weight determination, visual examination (appearance), visual inspection of lubrication, visual inspection of flared samples, visual inspection of bended samples, visual inspection of laminated shim stocks after water immersion and surface roughness measurement.

Implanted tests

In the following table you can find the list of tests included in this category and the accreditations and/or approvals we have.


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