This section of the catalogue includes tests based on the measurement of different physicochemical properties of composite materials.

These tests apply to both fresh and cured materials. They are used in industry to carry out quality controls for technical reception and in the control of manufacturing processes.

Our quality system includes 28 standardised procedures and, annually, we perform more than 600 tests based on the measurement of physicochemical properties of composite materials.

The category of chemical tests includes those based on the use of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) in both qualitative and semi-quantitative modes.

Physical tests are based on the use of different techniques that can be classified into the following families: shore hardness, density, fibre/resin volume percentage, percentage of volatiles, mass per unit area, gelling time, resin flow and viscosity.

Using these procedures we perform the following physicochemical tests on composite materials: Water absorption test, Conditioning of fiber reinforced plastics, Analysis of resin by FTIR, Yarn count, Behaviour in high pressure and tempeerature curing cycle, Determination of density (honeycomb core), Determination of apparent density, Determination of fiber mass and binder, Tack, Determination of the resin content and fiber areal weight, Determination of the resin and metal mesh mass, Determination of extracting material, Determination to areal weight, Determination of the fiber, resin and void contents, Determination of the volatile content, Determination the impregnation level of prepreg materials, Determination of gel time (Fisher Johns), Leak Test for Sandwich Structures, Flammability Testing, Honeycomb sheet thickness, Handleability check, Exposure to humid atmosphere of fiber reinforced plastics, Exposure to light sources – fluorescent UV lamps, Flexibility (Honeycomb Class I, Type III), Resin flow (prepeg), Specific Gravity, Surface roughness measurement, Thickness measurement of Composite Parts, Thickness measurement of reference standard, Laminate cured ply thickness (CPT), Drape, Gel time (Room Temperature), Pot life of mixed components, Viscosity. Determination using a falling-ball viscometer, Fiber Volume (Laminate)

Implanted tests

In the following table you can find the list of tests included in this category and the accreditations and/or approvals we have.


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