Our sealant laboratory is ENAC accredited. In this laboratory we test both the individual components and the cured product.

These trials are oriented in three directions. The first is to determine the use properties with the aim of providing information to aeronautical companies on the handling of the product. The second group of tests is aimed at verifying the quality of the sealants. The information obtained can then be used to make post-purchase decisions. This also provides information on the need to recertify out-of-date products. Lastly, these tests provide information on technological properties such as mechanical strength, chemical compatibility, thermal resistance and relative weight.

Sealant characterisation is a Titania speciality. Our capabilities allow us to test the product and, in addition, to monitor its mixing and application. Moreover, we are experts in the surface preparation of substrates according to aircraft manufacturers’ specifications. We currently carry out more than 800 tests on this material per year. To this end, we have 24 test procedures accredited by ENAC and/or approved by Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer. Using these procedures we perform the following tests on sealants: Density of silicone foam rubber, density of liquid samples, determination of non hardening characteristic of sealant, determination of consistency, extrudability, flow (class c), determination of slump, tack free time, shore a hardness, fluid immersion of the test panels, sealants mixing and samples preparation, bead peel test, peel strength at 180°, squeeze-out life test (acc. bms 8-338), application time (extrusion), application time (viscosity), application time cure time, assembly time (class c), assembly time, tension testing of plastic rectangular specimen and viscosity: determination using a single cylinder type rotational viscometer method.

Implanted tests

In the following table you can find the list of tests included in this category and the accreditations and/or approvals we have.


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