In our ENAC-accredited mechanical testing laboratory, tests are performed to study the mechanical properties of various types of polymer matrix materials.

Materials studied include composites incorporating carbon, glass or aramid fibres; plastic materials; sandwich structures with various types of cores and glued or riveted joints. Annually, we carry out more than 3200 tests covering data on the mechanical properties of composite materials.

To perform these tests, the laboratory has different universal testing machines that incorporate load cells with capacities ranging from 1 KN to 1000 KN. These machines are equipped with chambers in which tests can be performed at ambient and non-ambient temperatures in the range of -70 ˚C and 200 ˚C. For tests requiring special configurations, we have a wide range of test fixtures designed according to the applicable standards.

In the area of mechanical testing of composite materials, our quality system includes 32 standardised procedures. These tests are accredited by ENAC, NADCAP and approved by Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer and Sikorsky.

Using these procedures we perform the following mechanical tests: Bearing strength of composite laminates, Compression of composite laminates with hydraulic clamping, Compression of rigid plastics, Double lap shear composites, In-Plane Shear ±45º,Interlaminar shear strength, Shear by the V-notched beam method, Single lap shear composites, Shear joint test, Flexure of composite laminates, Beam flexure of sandwich construction, Impact (CAI-TAI), Compression Modulus test of composite laminates, Compression Modulus test of rigid plastics, Climbing Drum Peel, Compression stress test of composite laminates, Flatwise compressive stress of sandwich cores, Compression stress test of rigid plastics, Insert Shear strength, Shear stress of sandwich cores, Compressive strength of sandwich constructions, Compression strength after impact, Pin-bearing strength, Interlaminar fracture toughness GIc, Verification of Testing Frame and Specimen Alignment, Tension through the hole, Tensile test of composite laminates, Tension by-pass, Pull out strength of mechanical joints, Flatwise tensile, Tension testing of plastic rectangular specimen.

Implanted tests

In the following table you can find the list of tests included in this category and the accreditations and/or approvals we have.


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