At Titania we also carry out non-destructive testing, performing more than 1600 tests per year. For this purpose, we have an ultrasonic inspection (UT) division, which is accredited by NADCAP and approved by Airbus.

Here, inspections of carbon fibre composite elements are carried out using the Manual Pulse Echo technique. Inspections are carried out by certified personnel. Specifically, we have two inspectors at level 2.

Our work focuses mainly on the inspection of carbon fibre specimens. The purpose of these inspections is to ensure that no defects have been introduced during the machining or manufacturing process. The absence of defects guarantees the quality of the tests to which the specimens are subsequently subjected.

To carry out the inspections, we have two hand-held ultrasonic inspection devices with 6.35 mm single-crystal probes, 5 MHz frequency and A-scan presentation. In addition, one of the devices has phased-array inspection capability with a 64-element multi-crystal probe which, connected to a miniencoder, is capable of manual C-scan recording.

We have 3 procedures for performing UT inspections. Using these procedures, we perform: Ultrasonic Inspection, Ultrasonic Inspection of impacted specimens, Certification of reference standards, Visual Inspection in Carbon Fiber Composites and thickness measurement of fiber composites by ultrasonic pulse-echo technique.

Implanted tests

In the following table you can find the list of tests included in this category and the accreditations and/or approvals we have.


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