One area of the panel manufacturing line is dedicated to the supply of painted panels, both in aluminium and carbon fibre. With this service we provide our clients with specimens with dimensions and characteristics adapted to their needs.

In our warehouse we have a wide variety of aircraft quality aluminium alloys, manufactured by AMAG and KAISER, with different heat treatments and thicknesses.

We have the necessary approvals in place to guarantee that our panels are manufactured according to aeronautical standards.

In the particular case of aluminium, the specimens must be subjected to different surface treatments such as anodising or conversion coatings. These treatments are carried out in an Airbus-approved bath line. Specifically, we carry out Phosphoric acid anodising (PAA), phosphoric sulphuric acid anodising (PSA), sulphuric acid anodising (SAA), tartaric sulphuric acid anodising (TSA), application of corrosion prevention primers for bonding, application of structural paints, application of external paint systems, acid pickling, paint systems for test specimens and chromate conversion coating. Specimens up to 1 m in length can be processed on this line.

As far as painting treatments are concerned, we have Airbus approval to carry out the following processes on test specimens: application of anti-corrosion primers for bonding, application of structural paints, application of external paints, painting of test specimens.

We have a large stock of paints from the main manufacturers in the sector. Primers (water or solvent based), topcoats, enamels and varnishes are available from manufacturers such as Mankiewicz, AKZO NOBEL, PPG and MAPAERO.


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