Our testing laboratories are accredited by ENAC / ILAC according to ISO/IEC 17025. At the same time our quality system is certified by EN 9100 and ISO 9100. Additionally, the tests made in our labs counts with the NAPCAP (PRI) accreditation in the following commodities: MTL, NMMT and NDT.

Eventually, our tests are included in the Airbus Qualified Test Method List (QTML), the Bombardier Supplier List (BAERD-GEN-018), the Boeing Approved Sources D1-4426 and the Embraer Supplier Qualification.

At Titania, standardised tests are applied for the certification of materials (steels, aluminium, titanium, cooper or nickel) , the control of manufacturing (composite), material treatment processes (weld coupons, heat treatments or anodizing), and the incoming technical inspection of raw materials.

We have implemented more than 300 quality control tests, classified according to the type of material: metal alloy, sealant, paint, adhesive, fastener, composite and cutting fluids.

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