At Titania we have a bath line for the surface treatment of different aluminium alloys. Here, we carry out various electrochemical anodising treatments. We can also generate chemical conversion layers using baths with different formulations. If the final process requires it, we can perform post-treatment sealing or apply different paint schemes.

All these treatments are Airbus certified and are therefore carried out in accordance with Airbus regulations. Currently, we have implemented sulphuric, tartaric-sulphuric and phosphoric anodising treatments.

Our surface treatment line consists of a total of 15 baths, each with a capacity of 150 litres. In addition to the treatments described above, pre- and post-treatment of the samples is carried out. These treatments include alkaline degreasing, acid pickling , sealing and all associated rinses. We can manufacture panels in sizes ranging from 100 mm to 1 metre in length in these baths. A common feature of all treatments is that their formulation is based on non-polluting alternatives to Cr(VI) baths.

In order to carry out treatments in accordance with Airbus regulations, an analytical control of the bath lines is necessary. For this reason, we have implemented nine standardised procedures, through which we carry out the following tests: Concentration of phosphoric and sulphuric acid anodising bath , concentration of tartaric and sulphuric acid anodising bath, surface treatment bath control (pH – conductivity), titration of phosphoric and sulphuric acid in anodizing electrolytes, titration of sulphuric and tartaric acid in anodizing electrolytes, determination of free hydroxide in alkaline baths, determination of hydrogen ions, determination of non-volatile-residue and determination of chlorides content.

Annually, we perform more than 300 tests related to the analysis of surface treatment baths.

Implanted tests

In the following table you can find the list of tests included in this category and the accreditations and/or approvals we have.


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