Another panel manufacturing service that we provide at Titania is then production of composite material test pieces, mainly in carbon fibre. With this service we provide our clients with materials for testing and R&D with dimensions and characteristics adapted to their needs.

We have the necessary approvals in place to guarantee that our panels are manufactured according to aeronautical standards. Most of them are manufactured with pre-impregnated material and they are cured in an autoclave, whose dimensions allow for the preparation of specimens of up to 1 x 1.5 m. This autoclave is equipped with 15 thermocouples to control the curing temperature of the pieces, which can reach up to 300ºC, at a maximum pressure of 15 bar, using nitrogen as an inert gas. The preliminary tasks of material cutting and lamination are carried out in a clean room and all raw materials that require it are stored at -28ºC.

We have the approval of Airbus for the preparation of these specimens. This approval qualifies us for the manufacture of monolithic panels with thermoset prepreg materials and sandwich panels with fibre-reinforced thermoset resin skins. We are also approved for the bonding of non-structural adhesives, the structural bonding of thermosetting and thermoplastic matrix composite parts, the surface preparation of thermosetting material parts prior to structural bonding and the mechanical surface preparation of non-structural adhesives prior to bonding.

Additionally, these capabilities are complemented by approval for the general assembly and installation of fasteners, the installation of parallel threaded fasteners, the wet installation of fasteners, and for measuring the torque of screws, bolts and nuts. Lastly, we are approved for the machining of fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) components and the drilling of CFRP and hybrid materials.

In short, thanks to this set of approvals, we can supply monolithic carbon fibre panels, metal composite stacking and sandwich panels. We also supply glued panels made of these materials and joined using the different types of fasteners used in the industry.

A final service that we have incorporated into this category is the manufacture of standard test specimens for ultrasonic inspection, used for the control of manufacturing processes. These standards are prepared with a defined and monitored range of defects and include different characteristics and geometries: monolithic, stepped, curved or sandwich specimens. This service encompasses different technological capabilities such as manufacturing, machining, destructive and non-destructive testing. Thanks to the diversity of capabilities installed at Titania, we can offer a turnkey service including the certification of the test pieces by NDT level 3 certified personnel. The service can also include, at the client’s request, support in the design of the test piece, procurement of materials, manufacturing and inspection in accordance with Airbus standards.


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