Our paint laboratory has ENAC and NADCAP accreditation, and/or approvals from Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer. Here we perform characterisation tests on both liquid and dry paints.

The characterisation of dry paints is based on the measurement of different properties. These include mechanical resistance, chemical compatibility, aesthetics and applicability. In order to be able to determine these properties in liquid paints, we have an Airbus-certified spray booth. In this cabin, we apply both primers and paint schemes typical of the interior and exterior of the aircraft in accordance with Airbus standards. Once the paint system has been applied, we can carry out a full characterisation. For this purpose, we carry out tests to measure the thickness of the paint layer, its appearance, gloss colour, orange peel, adhesion, scratching, flexibility and durability. Annually, we perform more than 2,700 tests related to the characterisation of dry paints.

We have 52 dry paint characterisation test procedures accredited by ENAC and NADCAP, and/or approved by Airbus, Bombardier and Embraer. Using these procedures, we perform the following tests on dry paints: Adhesion of coatings by scrape adhesion, wet adhesion, dry adhesion, cross-cut adhesion test, surface appearance, spraying properties, application and finish, colour of the painted panel, strippability, restoration, determination of orange peel, colour difference (comparison with colour chart), colour difference, AITM2-0027 (airbus master colors), pencil hardness, washability (cleaning efficiency), slow deformation, pull-off test for adhesion, bend test-flexibility (cylindrical mandrel), bend test-flexibility (conical mandrel), artificial weathering, measurement of the specular gloss, heat stability, bend test-flexibility (cylindrical mandrel), exposure to light sources – fluorescent UV lamps, impact flexibility, degree of curing, water immersion of the test panels, fluid immersion of the test panels, metallographic examination, visual inspection, colour measurement, measurement of electrical resistance, measurement of the specular gloss (comparison with colour chart), measurement of the specular gloss, measurement of coating thickness, measurement of coating thickness by eddy current method, thickness measurement by microscopical examination of a transverse cross section, dry coating weight, fluid resistance – adherence, fluid resistance – adhesion of coatings by scrape adhesion, fluid resistance – aspect, fluid resistance – pencil hardness, fluid resistance – scratch, temperature resistance, resistance to water – adherence, resistance to water – adhesion of coatings by scrape adhesion, resistance to water – aspect, resistance to water – pencil hardness, resistance to water – scratch, impact resistance, scratch resistance, electric resistance, reticulation (solvent resistance), SEM-EDS, drying time and pot life.

Implanted tests

In the following table you can find the list of tests included in this category and the accreditations and/or approvals we have.


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