Titania consolidates itself as technological partner and begins 2017 as part of a new Spanish consortium of companies that will develop a new R&D project called DuplexFin, funded by the CDTI. This initiative seeks to improve the process of manufacturing duplex steel, in order to allow the demand for these steels in the market. Considering the objective of climate change mitigation, DuplexFin will seek processing with a greater efficiency, reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption.

The project is led by ACERINOX, the world leader in stainless steel production, and Titania will be responsible for the numerical simulation of the conditions to which the edges of the material are subject during hot rolling, in order to adapt them to the limited ductility of duplex steels at high temperatures. Thanks to this research project Titania enters the metallurgical sector and explores new development paths in addition to the aerospace sector, where it is already consolidated.