Titania has strengthened its Merit rating by passing a new NADCAP NDT audit with Zero Non-conformities.

Last October, the company was audited for its Non-Destructive Testing work by Nadcap (National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Programme). Nadcap is an international organisation that evaluates and certifies the technical competence of suppliers of special processes in the aerospace sector.

The audit focused on ultrasonic inspection of composite materials, and concluded with a result of zero non-conformities, i.e. no deviations from the quality requirements imposed by the industry. This is the fourth time that our laboratory has achieved this result for this accreditation scheme. This result allows an extension of the accreditation for two years, thus maintaining our Merit status.

Over titania’s history, the company has passed these audits seven times with this same result for the different schemes in which it participates: MTL (“metallic testing”), NMMT (“non-metallic materials testing”), CP (“surface treatments and paints”) and NDT (“non-destructive testing”).