The Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) has just published the definitive resolution of grants to different joint research projects on aerospace, among other sectors. Titania is part of two consortia that will carry out these research during the next two years. The project “Integrated solution for the advanced One-Shot manufacturing and microwave-curing of composite sandwich structures in the aeronautical sector” (FAMACOM) is an initiative of which, in addition to Titania, the companies Aerotecnic, CT Ingenieros and Inespasa take part. The Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (CATEC), the University of Cadiz and the Valencian technology center AIMPLAS will also collaborate in this R&D project, focused on the manufacture by infusion of composite sandwich structures.
The other project that will be carried out is called EASY JOINT (Development of joining technologies of dissimilar composite material components, including the study of standardization of its design applied to manufacturing sectors of high added value), and is led by the company Sofitec . CT Engineering, Titania and the Eurecat technology center complete a consortium that will investigate welded joints of thermoplastic resins.