Titania grows in business volume to reach €2.7 million in 2016, with an increase of 6% over the previous year. International turnover already represents 12% of the total, and is expected to be higher at the end of 2017. This international growth is the result of a very important investment on technological innovation and digital transformation, already fully integrated in the organization. Titania has improved its competitive position and strengthened medium – term relationship with its customers, especially at an international level. Titania works primarily with European countries such as Germany, France and Portugal, although it is introduced in further markets like the US, Mexico, Malaysia, Brazil, India or Morocco.

Throughout 2016 Titania has managed more than 70,000 tests with on time delivery above 90%. Thanks to an in-house development, the company releases annually about one million data which is building up a Big Data. This is an important database of material and process properties of interest for aviation industry manufacturers.

Titania is a direct supplier of raw materials manufacturers worldwide for the aerospace industry, and reached new contracts with European Tier 1 companies. The Spanish firm also takes part of international alliances to provide comprehensive support to Materials & Processes departments of Airbus.