The Higher School of Engineering, at the Puerto Real Campus (Cadiz, Spain), hosted on April 4 the 1st edition of the Mariano Marcos Barcena Awards, convened by the Vice-Chancellorship of Technology Transfer and Innovation of the University of Cadiz.

NANODIZING has received the award for the best collaborative project or contract, after being presented by Professor Javier Botana Pedemonte, from the Corrosion and Protection Group of the University of Cadiz (Labcyp), and developed together with Titania. This project constitutes an important contribution to the development of technologies to obtain chromium-free aeronautical anodizing that improve corrosion resistance of the Tartaric Sulphuric Anodising (TSA) that is currently used in the treatment of aluminum alloys for aerospace use.

This award, which recognizes the career of the Inorganic Chemistry Professor Javier Botana as an example of a researcher devoted to the promotion of knowledge transfer from the University to Industry, consolidates Titania and Labcyp as references in the search for technological alternatives to hexavalent chromium Cr (VI)