In December 2022, Titania received the first funding award from the STARGATE project, for a research and development project to study the optimisation of the manufacturing processes of composite materials for the aerospace sector. The main objective is to find a combination of materials that allows the manufacture of lightweight parts with excellent mechanical properties through the wet lay-up technique.

The development of this R&D project is divided into several phases. In the first phase, the composite specimens will be manufactured by manual wet lay-up using semi-automatic mixing equipment. The aim is to improve the resin content, porosity and repeatability of the processed samples. Subsequently, the results of the manufacturing process will be validated through mechanical and optical microscopy tests.

To meet this challenge, Titania is collaborating with the French company RESCOLL, which will be in charge of the initial manufacture of the composite samples. Titania’s role will consist in the validation of the manufacturing process and to this end tests will be carried out in accordance with the different standards for which the company is accredited.

The STARGATE project is part of the HORIZON 2020 call and is financed with Advanced Materials & Manufacturing United for LightwEighT (AMULET) cascade funding.