In titania we value education as a fundamental pillar for personal and professional growth. We do not forget our origin as a spin-off of the University of Cadiz, that is why we are especially sensitive with those entities and projects that work for education, especially giving opportunities to disadvantaged groups. This is the case of the Museke Association, committed to the people of the community of Nemba, a rural area located at North of Rwanda. This NGO, which is based in Cadiz, Spain, focuses on the most disadvantaged children and youth working in the field of health, economic development and education. In the latter they have a project, “Our University students”, which gives young people the opportunity to study at the university and thus change their destiny and that of their families.

We wanted to join this initiative by financially supporting the university project of Jean Paul, a young Rwandan student who studies Business Administration. The Museke Association works on professional training projects and scholarships to cover tuition, material and travel expenses without which these young people would have no option to continue their training. Its work proposal aims to provide young people with sufficient skills and capabilities that facilitate their self-reliance and autonomy, promoting the creation and strengthening of a stable social and business fabric that favours the development of the Nemba region.