titania continues to search for new opportunities and technological challenges that will allow it to diversify its activity into other sectors. Originally conceived as a technological complement to R&D departments, titania is once again picking up the reins and opening up new horizons.

This new line of work is focused on the manufacture of surgical instruments and medical equipment using carbon fibre. Specifically, designing and manufacturing surgical materials used in orthopaedic surgery and traumatology.

The objective is to place highly personalised bio-health materials on the market, incorporating new functionalities derived from the advantages provided by the technology used in the manufacturing of composite materials. To this end, titania’s technological capabilities will be used to fine tune the process of design, manufacture and validation of these elements. In particular, it is proposed to use autoclave curing processes employing carbon fibre fabrics pre-impregnated in thermosetting resin and manufacturing with thermoplastic resin and press forming. The use of these technologies will allow multiple advantages to be achieved that will translate into improved patient safety and clinical outcomes.

In the medium-term, the execution of the project is oriented in such a way that, after its completion, a certification process can be initiated for the commercialisation of the products designed in accordance with the requirements established in Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC.

Based on all the knowledge of aeronautical materials and processes acquired in its more than 14 years of activity, titania is venturing into this new project to manufacture surgical materials with advanced properties. It will be carried out with the participation of LABCYP, which has already been collaborating for some time with the Puerta del Mar hospital in Cadiz, and will last two years. This investment is possible thanks to the approval of a grant from the Andalusian Technological Corporation (CTA).

It is a real challenge to carry out a pioneering project like this in Andalusia, since this type of industrial activity has not existed here until now.