Titania offers a comprehensive service that that covers all phases of the aeronautical process: from auxiliary preparation, non-destructive inspection, machining and testing with control of results to logistical and administrative tasks. We count on an in-house laboratory management system, which adds reliability and efficiency to the process.While 2015 represented the consolidation of the strategic partnership with Airbus DS, the workload for Titania is set to increase in the coming months thanks to growth in A320neo production. The CBC specializes in advanced manufacturing technologies of composite materials, and in relation to aeronautical products the design and manufacturing of cowlings or fan cowls of different materials, for which it will become one of the largest producers worldwide in 2017.

Titania has high-tech equipment and an experienced team trained in different types of testing that have allowed it to position itself as a leader in the sector, one of the main suppliers for Airbus Group, which works with its plants in Getafe, Puerto Real, Nantes, Seville, and the CBC. In addition, the Andalusian company has all the accreditations and approvals of major aeronautical tractors and especially the Airbus Group, as it has approval from the three companies that comprise it.

Titania also works closely with the CBC on the development of different R&D projects: ECLIPSE investigates methods of advanced carbon fiber surface activation; SILENCIO studies hybrid unions between titanium elements on composite material; COSSTA studies an advanced simulation process using finite materials for the superplastic forming process.