Titania participates in the Nanoscience and Materials Technology Master of the University of Cádiz, a degree that provides training on materials propierties, relating them to their composition, structure and processing, ranging from nanoscience and nanotechnology to advanced technologies manufacturing.

Recently the students lived an intense working day in our facilities. One of our founders, Javier Botana, gave an emotional conference telling Titania’s entrepreneurship story. Later, the students visited the different laboratories from where all lines of activity are carried out in the company, and finally they received some training included in the module “Leadership and Project Management in the industry”.

Specifically, our Director Miguel Ángel Rodríguez talked about the keys to management in SMEs from innovation, while Fernando Serrano, Business Development manager, focused on digital transformation concept. Finally, Pedro Astola, Head of R&D of Titania, spoke precisely about R&D projects as a way of transferring knowledge from SMEs to the industry.

This working day with the students of the master has allowed combining practical and theoretical training along with motivational talks from the point of view of entrepreneurship.