Titania expands its technological capacity by covering the entire range of Non-Metallic Materials Testing (NMMT), as it has recently added the fire testing technique in its services portfolio. This wide scope, which also includes panels manufacturing and machining processes, has just been audited by Nadcap with the result of zero findings, that is, without deviations from the requirements imposed by the aeronautical industry. An achievement reached by the company for the third time, the second in a row; in total, this is the fifth time that Titania has passed a Nadcap audit with this positive result.

Thanks to the robustness of titania’s processes, supported by an advanced digital transformation that the organization started 5 years ago, which translates into an increasingly high confidence on the part of the industry, the NADCAP program has proposed titania to be audited only every 24 months, which is the maximum period contemplated by the program, and to reduce from five to three days the lenght of coming audits, despite the extension of its scope.

The Nadcap (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) accreditation to perform composite material testing is granted by the Performance Review Institute (PRI), a worldwide organization composed of the main aerospace constructors, and that distinguishes those companies that stand out for the competition and excellence of its research and testing of innovative products.