The process of extending approvals for Airbus for special surface treatment and paint application processes is now complete and those approved will form part of the Qualified Process List (QSPL).
To the existing capabilities in chemical conversion coatings (CCC), tartaric sulphuric anodising (TSA) and structural paint application, the following have now been added:
· Anodising: sulphuric (SAA) and phosphoric sulphuric (PSA) anodising.
· Primer and Paints: application of anticorrosive primer and exterior paints.

The 3-year process of fine-tuning and accreditations is now finalised to include the Nadcap chemical processing commodity.
The extension of these approvals in the field of quality and R&D will allow titania to manufacture multiple types of test specimens in accordance with industry standards. These technologies in turn link to the extensive number of testing techniques already accredited and approved for the industry.
The new approvals are aimed at the analysis and study of bonding of metallic structures, coatings and corrosion protection, where titania is supporting the development of new materials and processes.