In November 2023, Titania received the final award of the project “ImaginA: Research on the implementation of Artificial Intelligence tools for image analysis-based testing”.

The IMAGINA project aims to investigate the design, development and implementation of a set of innovative AI tools which will be applied for the first time to certain tests and processes based on image analysis, in which human visual inspection currently plays a unique and fundamental role.

Thus, the aim is to create a novel and unprecedented prototype based on the combined application of Computer Vision and AI techniques to automate and create new capabilities for the different image analysis use cases mentioned below:

  • Identification and quantification of corroded areas in bonded joints of aluminium specimens, in BLC (Bond Line Corrosion) quantification tests.

  • Inspection of the surface soldering processes of electronic components on Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), specifically SMD (Surface Mount Device) and Flat-pack soldering for space applications.

To meet this challenge, a multidisciplinary consortium composed of four entities with the necessary skills and knowledge to cover the entire value chain of the project has been set up. Specifically, the consortium is made up of: Andalucía Aerospace Clúster, leader of the consortium, and the companies Titania, Solar MEMS Technology and CT Ingenieros.

In this project, Titania will focus its efforts on the creation of a database of BLC test images that will allow the other partners in the consortium to develop an Artificial Intelligence tool to automate this test. This will give the company competitive advantages, as the implementation of this technology will considerably reduce the execution times for this test, as well as improving the working conditions of the technicians specialised in its execution.

ImaginA is a project supported by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, funded by Call AEI 2023.