Titania is currently expanding its technological capabilities for its Metallic, Composites, Paints, Sealants and Adhesives laboratories, with the purchase of new advanced equipment. This investment is possible thanks to the approval of a non-refundable grant by the Andalusian Agency of Innovation and Development IDEA, within its Competitiveness – Investment Improvement in SMEs program,included in the Industrial Development Order, and which is being applied to the PIMEX project developed by Titania.

PIMEX is a project that includes some investments aimed at expanding the dimension required by the activity of Titania, as a consequence of the work coming from its internationalization process, which started in 2015.
Titania has the status of technological SME (currently as a medium-sized company), which allows the company offering flexible procedures to the industry, with a proactive vocation and with great efficiency in responses, which is generating multiple business opportunities in the foreign market. In order to maintain its competitiveness versus the large testing services corporations, it was necessary to continue taking on all the challenges that the industry demands, for example, in terms of transnational presence, effective business development in international markets or the incorporation of a greater number of technological capabilities, the latter field where this project is framed of.

The incentive has been granted by the IDEA Agency of the Andalusian Government, for an amount of €71,963.76. The 80 percent is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund, ERDF, which aims to aAchieve a more competitive business fabric” for the implementation of the “PIMEX – Investment Project for the development of the Foreign Market” project.