The first meeting of the new working group on UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) and Mobility, launched by the Andalucía Aerospace business association, was held last week. Titania is joined this partnership along with other companies and entities such as 3JIT, the IDEA Agency, Aeorum, AERTEC Solutions, Alestis, Alter Technology, Ayesa Air Control, Inventia Kinetics, FADA-CATEC and Rovimatica. This working group was created with the objective of sharing different capabilities of Andalusian companies that make it up in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles and urban air mobility, creating synergies and developing joint projects in an industry with a high potential in Andalusia.

Titania, keeping its commitment to diversification, will contribute its specialization in the certification of materials and processes adjusted to UAVs manufacturing, applying technologies such as out of autoclave composite curing or producing prototypes in its facilities that can be used for future studies on uses of new materials or manufacturing processes for the drone market. Our company already has experience in this sector thanks to the research carried out within the MALTA 2020 project, through which progress was made in the introduction of new less costly manufacturing technologies such as liquid resin infusion, and the use of low-cost structural materials for UAVs manufacturing.