Titania has expanded its testing scope by obtaining Nadcap Chemical Processing accreditation.

In mid-September, the Nadcap audit of the Chemical Processing commodity (AC7108) was carried out at the company’s facilities in Cadiz, with a favourable result. With this accreditation, titania has extended the company’s technical scope to include its capabilities in the analysis of surface treatment baths and paint testing. In particular, this accreditation covers the following fields:

• Optical microscopy
• Adhesion
• Scratching
• Folding
• Anodic layer characterisation
• Coating thickness
• Gloss and colour
• Paint reticulation
• Analysis of surface treatment baths

Nadcap accreditation is a requirement to be an approved laboratory for Airbus and the rest of the world’s aircraft manufacturers (Boeing, Embraer and Bombardier) for this type of activity. This information can be found in their public lists of accredited tests (for example in the “Airbus Qualified Test Method List”). This milestone strengthens our technical capabilities in accordance with industry standards.

Nadcap is an international organisation that assesses and accredits the technical competence of suppliers of special processes in the aerospace industry.