The Andalusian company Titania, specializing in aeronautical materials and processes, has just reached a very important milestone that places it as one of the 14 most efficient Airbus-qualified laboratories in the world, among the 100 working with the European aeronautical manufacturer.

This rating, called “Merit”, has been obtained after overcoming an exhaustive evaluation by Airbus, which has taken into account technical and quality competence in the development of its activity, customer orientation, proactivity of the laboratory and its response capacity, among other procedures.

This recognition, granted by Airbus for the first time, reinforces the wide capacity of titania in terms of available techniques and its positioning as the third laboratory in the world with the highest number of approvals by the European aeronautical group. It also consolidates a historical relationship, which began with the first local titania works for Airbus plants in Cadiz and Seville, while today it does so for 12 Airbus plants in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain.