Last November Titania was awarded the ACTIVAL project – a research and development project to study anaphoretic treatments as an alternative solution to the use of products derived from hexavalent chromium (Cr, VI) in surface treatments and primers. The main objective is to contribute to the ecological transition and the protection of workers by ending the use of coatings containing hazardous substances, such as chromium, in the aerospace industry. The search for a suitable substitute for chromium in aerospace components has become a priority in the supply chain of large aircraft manufacturers such as AIRBUS.

This project is promoted by a consortium in which titania is the consortium coordinator and in which other national companies such as M&M, Chemplate and Innerspec are participating. It also has the support of AIRBUS and CHEMETALL, among others, and has a budget of almost one million euros. The project is expected to take 28 months to complete.

Within the 2021 call, ACTIVAL is framed as the best valued within the SME modality of the Aeronautical Technological Programme (PTA). The project is subsidised by the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) and supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. This is the largest project that the company from Cadiz has undertaken to date and represents a fantastic challenge.