The 6th Spanish Metrology Congress, which is celebrated every four years, has been organized by the Spanish Metrology Centre in collaboration with the Spanish Navy Observatory and the City Hall of San Fernando, Cadiz. The event has brought together more than 300 experts with the aim of presenting the latest Spanish technology and developments in metrology, and disseminating its applications to industry and R&D.

Titania has been one of the participating companies with a conference under the “Metrology and Industry 4.0, and Smart Manufacturing” issue. In particular, and as one of the national leading companies in digital transformation, it has talked on Industry 4.0 applied to accredited testing laboratories, focusing on TitaniaGEST, its own lab management system. Ramon Arellano, Head of Laboratory in Titania, has shared with the attendees how has been the implementation of this state-of-the-art technology, from its conceptual design to its development, in order to meet Titania’s testing needs.

TitaniaGEST gives maximum efficiency, reliability and agility, since the calculations are automated, and generates reports from the data collected by technicians, reducing in 97% the time dedicated to testing report-writing phase.

TitaniaGEST has allowed, only in 2016, the management of more than 70,000 test specimens distributed in 10,000 testing reports. This involves the creation of a Big Data on materials and processes of the industry, very relevant for manufacturers of the aerospace industry both nationally and internationally.