On Tuesday 25th June, the 15th Edition of the Awards for Excellence in Andalusian SMEs, sponsored by the Grupo Joly and Caixabank, was held at the Portuguese Consulate in Seville. These awards recognise the efforts of Andalusian SMEs to strengthen and promote progress in Andalusia’s productive fabric.

Titania has won the “Award for Excellence in Industrial SMEs”. The Cadiz-based company which specialises in aerostructure materials and processes, is a benchmark of excellence within the Andalusian technology fabric. An example of this is that at global level, Titania is the laboratory with the highest number of tests approved by Airbus, the main driving force in the European aerospace sector.

In the field of R&D+i the company’s activity focuses on the development of research projects in the field of materials science applied to address challenges within the ecological transition, the green economy and industry 4.0.

Its excellence is also reflected in its social commitment, having been recognised on several occasions for the impact of its CSR policy actions.

Titania’s commitment to excellence has facilitated an entrepreneurial project that originated in the province of Cadiz to export its services to more than 30 countries around the world and to provide employment for more than 90 people, most of whom have been trained at the University of Cadiz or in vocational technology training modules in the province.

Titania continues to grow and to explore new opportunities to provide sustainable answers to the current challenges of European industry and to expand its presence in the non-European market.

The event was attended by institutional authorities, executives from Grupo Joly and Caixabank, and representatives of the other award-winning entities. In the case of Titania, the award was presented by Carolina España, Regional Minister of Economy, Finance and European Funds of the Andalusian Regional Government, and collected by Virginia Gómez, Head of the Human Resources and Communication Department, who dedicated the award to Titania’s staff, thanking them “for embracing as their own our company’s values which are the foundation of the success of our business model: commitment, change and, of course, excellence.”