Campos Racing has relied on Titania to develop several inspection services in its cars and behavioral research in service of key elements. Specifically, the company has carried out non-destructive inspections set of triangles suspension and front and rear uprights of the cars in competition, and also the study of certain units of carbon brakes (discs and pads). Titania is also conducting non-destructive inspection of critical areas in the chassis (anchor points of the suspension, engine and anchorage areas affected by impacts) and is developing studies to improve efficiency in areas exposed to high temperatures.The season began last May and Campos Racing have competed in countries like Germany, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Italy and Malaysia, among others. The pilot Leonardo Pulcini and Campos Racing tied it all up with still one round to go and sealed the 2016 championships in the drivers´ and teams´ standings respectively at Circuito de Jerez last October.

Titania’s technology is extrapolated to other sectors besides aerospace, which has positioned itself as a leader in materials testing and industrial projects.