Last Monday 31st January, the virtual meeting of the Negotiating Committee took place in which we signed the 1st Equality Plan which will come into force on 1st February 2022 and will last for a period of four years, i.e. until 2026.

The Negotiating Committee was made up of Virginia Gómez Pérez and Rafael F. González on behalf of the company and Mª Ángeles Bey Estrada and María Alfaro Piñeiro on behalf of the workers, representing UGT and CCOO, respectively. All parties gave a positive evaluation of the agreement reached, pointing out that “this plan is a tool for advancing real equality by enabling the incorporation of the gender perspective into each of the areas in which the company operates.

The Plan is transversal, preventive, and has dialogue and trust as its principle foundations. Its objective is to continue advancing equal opportunities between women and men.

Improving the well-being of the team is titania’s commitment. In addition to creating diverse and inclusive work spaces, the Cádiz company is committed to constant development in order to generate a positive impact.

Some examples included in the plan are: balancing female talent, currently 64% of the workforce is male; time off to promote co-responsibility; raising awareness of equality among the workforce; commitment to wage transparency; protocol for digital disconnection, among others. All these measures are a reflection of titania’s commitment to creating an egalitarian society – a responsibility that it exercises with pride.

With this 1st Equality Plan, the company from Cádiz is celebrating everything it has achieved so far, but also focusing its attention on all that remains to be done. And to this end, in order to ensure equal treatment and opportunities, titania has established an internal Equality Committee. This Committee is made up of Virginia Gómez Pérez (HR Dept.), Rafael F. González Sánchez (Quality Dept.), Miriam Menacho Mena (Paint Laboratory) and Francisco J. Caamaño Andrades (Mechanics Laboratory).